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Still not really sure how to find and keep an amazing guy who loves you passionately and wants to commit to you?

Coaching and mentoring for ACCOMPLISHED WOMEN who are ready to wake up next to the love of their life for the rest of their life. 

Is this you?

  • You’re single, successful and excel in all areas of your life except love. You love your life – but just can’t seem to attract and keep an amazing life partner  
  • You are sick and tired of sucking at relationships and fed up with dating. You’re ready to break that cycle  
  • You may be worried about starting a family of your own, or perhaps you are concerned about modelling a healthy relationship for your children  
  • You are determined. You have not given up on love and will keep on trying until you meet him  
  • You’re the type of person that gets things done. You’re good at following a proven system, especially if it is structured step by step 
  • You are ready to allow love into your life in a big way and to share life with someone amazing!  

Hey there, I’m Bonita ...  

... and I’m beyond excited to share with you about how I went from being single and successful to passionately loved and happily married...

And how you can, too.  

YES, you too can have it all!


So, let’s just come right out with it, okay?

I get where you’re at...  

  • You're dating men you are not attracted to and you're worried that you may somehow be pushing away the men that you are attracted to 
  • You have amazing 1st and 2nd dates – but after that things seem to fizzle out
  • You find yourself settling for romantic situations that aren’t ideal or putting up with bad behaviour from men – even though this is out of character for who you are in other areas of your life
  • Your friends are getting married and starting families and you're wondering why you can't seem figure this out
  • You numb out the loneliness by pouring yourself into work, taking care of everyone else or by binge shopping, eating or drinking
  • You get frustrated, mad or sad when people ask you why you're still single
  • You know intellectually that you’re a great catch, but secretly fear that you will end up alone forever


I have GOOD NEWS for you: There IS another way...

Here’s the deal:

I know that LOVE is the MOST POWERFUL force in the universe. 

I also believe that my mission is to support single, successful women to step into healthy love so that they can have it all AND REACH THEIR FULL POTENTIAL IN LIFE!

I am determined to see that every woman that crosses my path breaks free from destructive relationship patterns, gets off the dating spinning cycle, understands her complete worth and what she is capable of - and from that place finds an amazing guy to spend the rest of her life with!

Who am I to have such audacious goals? Well, I believe we’re all entitled to get what we desire.  

But I’ve also done the work myself...

In case you don’t know my story, here’s the short version:

  • Single nearly a decade after a divorce
  • Attracting the wrong men, moving from 1 bad relationship to another
  • I tried it all: Online Dating (Went on 60 dates in 2 months), Speed Dating, Single Events, and a dishonest Matchmaker 
  • In 2009 I opened my own matchmaking service only to realise that singles need WAY MORE HELP than merely being introduced to someone they find attractive
  • I completed a coaching qualification in 2014 and sold the matchmaking side of the business in 2016
  • I applied all that I had learned about love and relationships in my own life and met the LOVE of my LIFE in 2010. We married in 2014
  • I teach from what I know really works, having applied everything I teach in my own life  
  • And I’ve also taught this easy to follow, step by step system to many women internationally

I feel so incredibly #blessed when I look back But the truth is, it also took lots of mindset work around who I am and what I deserve to get here.  

I’d never say I’ve been lucky. I’ve worked so hard & taken massive action.  

But the good news is that because I've implemented everything I teach my clients myself AND so many woman have successfully repeated my system worldwide - I have proof that it works 87% of the time!

Here are just some of the incredible results my clients have experienced: 

** Tracey who went from one bad relationship to the next, to an engagement within 8 months  

** Beverley who wasn’t meeting any commitment-minded men, to moving in with the love of her life 6 months after working with me  

** Jane, who wasn’t being approached by men and constantly ‘friend zoned’, to travelling the world with her new life partner  

** Karen who went from being chronically single for 8 years, to a steady boyfriend within weeks of working with me  

In short? I help accomplished women FIND AND KEEP an amazing life partner!

So, listen...

I want you to know that you can take back control of your love life. 

Even if you feel like you dont deserve it or you have no idea where to even start.

You can have it all. I'm here to show you how to do that every step of the way!

You DESERVE your deepest heart's desires, AND MORE! 


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This is a high level program designed to give you the step-by-step strategy and support you need to see sweet success in your love life, so you can indeed have it all and live a life you love with the love of your life.  

Over 90 DAYS, you’ll get the proven tools, techniques and personalized support you need to cultivate the love relationship you crave.  

Take a look at what you'll learn inside each of the 5 SHIFTS modules 

MODULE 1 - Making Better Choices 

Identify exactly what you’ve been doing wrong with men and how to fix it. Learn why you’ve been ‘stuck’ in the same place for so long and what you need to do to get the love you really want. 

MODULE 2 - Changing Beliefs

Get clear on both a conscious and subconscious level why you are still single (the problem is clarified in a very specific way customized to your situation) and it is resolved for the last time.  

MODULE 3 - Vulnerability

Identify how fear keeps you from being truly vulnerable, making it impossible to form any ‘real connection’. Identify how and when your vulnerability shield is activated. Step into complete and powerful vulnrability!

MODULE 4 - My Authentic Self

The inner work of healing and redefining yourself in a way that is authentic to you. Connect with your self-worth, core values and build a life you love, which automatically translates into clear boundaries. Identify exactly what your quality man looks like.

MODULE 5 - Feminine Essence

Reconnect with your femininity and apply that in all aspects of your communication . Reveal your inner sexiness and magnetize quality men with your innate feminine essence. Be a High Value Woman.

MODULE 6 - Dating Fundamentals A 

Launch online and offline and create dating social calendar. Flirt comfortably and know how to get him to pursue you. Save valuable time by not going on dates with men you have nothing in common with.  

MODULE 7 - Dating Fundentals B

Know how to make each 1st date a roaring success and have fun whilst you’re at it. Activate attraction and create magnetic chemistry so that you keep him coming back for more.  

MODULE 8 - Understanding Men 

Navigate the stages of dating and relationships with ease. Understand how men commit and how to make sure he commits to you.  


Here’s exactly what you will get at 5 SHIFTS 

  • 8 Core Modules - Content is delivered weekly via an online classroom environment and is worked through at your own pace 
  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls - Here I personally coach you and other like-minded women
  • 5 One-on-One Calls - Personalised intensive sessions to ensure you make the necessary shifts. 2 of these sessions are with a Psychotherapist
  • Private Facebook Community - So you'll be fully supported throughout the program
  • Lifetime Access To Programme

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Typical results include:

  • Everywhere you go you will be pursued by quality, commitment minded men whom you are attracted to  
  • You will gracefully navigate each step of dating and relationships  
  • You will break destructive relationship patterns once and for all. It will be easy to walk away from situations that don’t serve you like bad relationships or men who don’t value you  
  • You will step into your authentic power exuding confidence, self-love and joy  
  • You will use your newly found super power to create magnetic chemistry with the right guy. There will be no more guessing; you will just know instinctively what to do every step of the way  
  • You will find that you actually do have complete control over your love life  
  • Sooner than you ever thought possible, you will be in an amazing relationship with a quality guy, someone who has his act together just like you  
  • You will experience deep intimate connection and know how to have the type of relationship where you grow more deeply in love with each other, day after day!  
  • You will wake up every morning next to the love of your life and come home to the loving embrace of someone who has your back  
  • These shifts will not only change the way you show up in love but will change other areas of your life too like your career, business, and other relationships – everything will shift  

The short of it is this: My clients go from single and successful to passionately loved, some within 6 months of working with me, and they do it in a way that feels easy! 

Bonita Grobbelaar is the go-to Love Coach for single and accomplished women who are ready to get off the dating spinning cycle, stop destructive relationship patterns, step into complete self-worth and acceptance and from that place, find an amazing man to wake up next to for the rest of your life. 

A true believer that ALL women deserve to live a life they love with the love of their life, Bonita specialises in teaching successful women around the globe to find and keep an amazing guy who loves you passionately and wants to commit to you. 

She has been working in the love industry for over a decade and has helped thousands of women find love faster than they ever imagined possible.